102 | Stop Hating on the Opportunities You Didn’t apply For

In this episode, Geomyra discusses the importance of showing up and minding your own business. She explores the feelings of envy and judgment that can arise when seeing others succeed on social media. Geomyra emphasizes the consequences of not showing up and how it can hinder personal and professional growth. She encourages listeners to accept that not everything is meant for them and to focus on their own journey. Geomyra highlights the significance of showing up in business, life, and relationships, and the importance of celebrating others’ success. She concludes by urging listeners to make a mindset shift, ask for help when needed, and stay connected.


Showing up is essential for personal and professional growth.
Envy and judgment towards others’ success only hinder our own progress.
Not everything is meant for us, and it’s important to accept that.
Celebrating others’ success and using it as motivation can lead to personal growth.
Making a mindset shift and doing the work are crucial for achieving goals.
Asking for help and outsourcing tasks can alleviate overwhelm and allow for more focus on showing up.
Staying connected and celebrating wins is important for maintaining motivation and support.



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