Geomyra Pollard is a well-rounded life + biz coach for creatives and professionals that aspire to create and live with grace, passion, and purpose. Through her coaching firm, courses, and her podcast, Living Well-Rounded, Geomyra finds joy as the strategic support and encouragement for those seeking a thriving career and a well-rounded life. As a former wedding planner and designer, she uses her fifteen years of experience and formal education to coach clients, so they may focus on what matters most. She is a systems and workflows guru, lover of handbags, and she can’t live without dessert! Geomyra is married to her high school sweetheart and is the proud mama of favorite daughter Payton and favorite son Jackson.

Create + Live with Grace, Passion, and Purpose

+ Living life as an entrepreneur while managing a chronic disease

+ How to say bye-bye to your 9-5 with a revenue-generating business in place

+ Elevating the client experience: Turning your clients into your ambassadors

+ How to cultivate and nurture vendor and client relationships

I would love to chat with you about:


+ Cultivating a well-rounded life filled with grace, passion, and purpose

+ What tragic loss has taught me about living our purpose and prioritizing what matters most

+ Systems for Your Creative Biz: Jumpstart systems & workflows within your creative business

+ Systems for Your Sanity: How to activate systems within your home

+ Reclaim Your Time: How to make time to focus on what matters most


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