Check out my favorite resources for getting things done!

Image: Iris Mannings

Save 50% off on one of the best CRMs for creative entrepreneurs!

The CRM that I use for my coaching business.

The very best email marketing platform that I swear by!

My go-to for affordable stock images.

The scheduling tool I use to plan my social media content.

The cloud storage solution that I use to safely secure my files.

A great resources for contract templates.

A super easy option for creating graphics.

Another great option for contract templates.

My scheduling tool for setting appointments.

The project management software I use daily.

A great resource for team communication.

A goal setting planner to keep your goals on track.

My preferred course hosting platform.

Make your online quiz.

I use to purchase an affordable domain name.

A great place or purchasing fonts, template and downloads.

My preferred website hosting company.

Grab your free audible book here!

I don’t know what I would do without Plan to Eat!

I’ve been using Shipt for grocery delivery for years!

Save using my code GEOMYRA for contract templates

The BEST course for business owners read to get their business back-end in order

The tool my VA and I use to track hours worked.

The only course you need to jumpstart systems in your business.

Another great option for podcast recording and editing.

To-do is my favorite list tracking app via Microsoft.